2nd Amend Sanctuary Crittenden County

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Attention: Crittenden Countians.
Don't forget that the Crittenden County Judge Exec, Sheriff and Magistrates were a bunch of self serving cowards when they were asked to support the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties Resolution.
Don't forget they all said they would first need to ask permission from the government before supporting the resolution.
Don't forget they were more concerned with the governor's opinion about it but THEY DIDNT GIVE A SHIT what we the citizens of Crittenden County had to say about it.
Don't forget that they chose to cower to what would be the governor's opinion on it rather than to respect the opinions of the folks who not only voted them into office but pays their salary for being in office.
Don't forget they pretty much said to us "To hell with you people because the governers opinion is what truly matters and not the opinion of lowly commoners like yourselves".
Don't forget that we, The Citizens of Crittenden County, voted them in and we also have the power to vote them out. Every single one of them.

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Completely Agree. I believe "They" didn't understand "Sanctuary".

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